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Information EU - passport for pets
(valid in all EU-member states)

necessary for dogs, cats and ferrets for traveling to foreign countries in EU

for getting the EU - passport

  • your pet has to have a microchip for a safe identification
  • the old vaccination passport (to transfer the old dates into the new passport) or new vaccinations

additional rules:

  • Some european countries have extra rules. For information get in contact with the embassy of that country.

The EU-Passport for pets has to be paid at your vet.

General rules for travelling in the EU with your pet

  • The last rabies shot has to be done at least 30 days prior entering another country.
    The rabies vaccination is valid for one up to three years (depending on the vaccine).

  • Additional rules might be valid for other than EU-membership countries (for transit countries, too).

  • Please inform yourself before travelling about the special regulations for entering foreign countries and for reentering your own country!